About Us


Founded in 1987and start of service in 1988,Ray of Hope believes in, and adheres to, the following concepts, principles, and guidelines in the provision of services to individuals with developmental disabilities: normalization, individualization, individual rights, least restrictive alternative, and developmental model. For individuals living in a residential unit, normalization means they will have an opportunity to live in a home-like atmosphere. The location of the homes is integrated, rather than isolated, into the community with accessibility to community services available. Social integration into the community emphasizes the individuals having the maximum opportunity to utilize community services such as transportation, private physicians, and other services, while participating in activities outside the home in integrated settings to the fullest extent possible. Ray of Hope believes each person is unique and should be treated as an individual. Services will be provided to each person on an individual basis. Ray of Hope believes in developing the maximum potential of each individual so they may become as independent as possible in all skill areas and areas of daily living. Care Enough to Be Your Best is this agency's motto. It encompasses the belief that positive, optimistic, and constructive thinking; teamwork; and caring, concerned efforts on the part of staff, community individuals, and organizations; can significantly influence the quality and success of services to individuals served by the program. Ray of Hope is creative in its ability to have a flexible approach in providing services in nontraditional ways. Ray of Hope continues to grow as an agency to meet change and new concepts of the individuals they serve.  Its vision for the future will continue to reflect this philosophy.